I make and design a range of items, windows, door panels, lamps, light catchers, kiln worked forms - fusing, slumping, casting, see below a collection of images of some of my creations. Please contact me if I can create a stunning piece of glass art for you

To discuss an option: 

  • An indication of price range may be acheived with photographs and measurements of the intended installation
  • Send detailed photographs and measurements for discussion.

Confirming proportions for your pesign and build work:

  • Provide exact measurements of the rebate that the glass and lead sit into. You may need to open beading to get this right.
  • Where the recess is not square a plywood panel pattern that fits the rebate would need to be provided and marked for Interior/Exterior & Top/Bottom

Obtaining a design & quote for your new build work.

  • Where the ball park costing suits your plans I am happy to provide you with a concept design, this work will require a deposit.
  • Once the concept is settle on a quote can be provided:

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