I am very pleased to provide restoration services in
Leadlighting and Copper Foiling methods of Stained Glass.


         Do you have a door, window, lamp or other glass treasure that needs repair?

My experience enables me to bring damaged stained glass works back to their former glory.

I work for insurance companies, glaziers and the public.

To obtain an opinion: 

  • An indication of price range may be acheived with detailed photographs and measurements
  • Send detailed photographs and measurements for discussion.

Notes about material matching: 

  • Many glass and lead styles have gone out of production.
  • Matching similar glass into a pattern means corresponding unbroken pieces are also replaced to make the repair visually well resolved.
  • If you are open to colour changes in your restoration please discuss.

Notes about restoration quotes: 

  • Repair or rebuild costs will be impacted by the state of the stained glass after it arrives in the studio.
  • Lead and cement deterioration can not be assessed untill the stained glass is on the table
  • Quotes are often made for the rebuild of the window, if the work is acheived as only a repair the invoice will reflect that reduction.
  • Quotes can also include removal, including temporary glazing, scaffolding, transport and reinstallation, including glazing and scaffold. Please discuss your unique circumstances.

To Obtain a Quote:

  • Measure the window
  • Photographs of the known damage or invite a site visit
  • Discuss if the quote is for restoration work only or if removal and reinstallation, etc is also needed.


Delivering the stained glass for restoration

  • Provide exact measurements of the rebate that the glass and lead sit into. You may need to open beading to get this right.
  • Where the recess is not square a plywood panel pattern that fits the rebate would need to be provided and marked for interior/exterior
  • Write the following details onto tape on the actual glass. Quote number, Address, Measurements, Phone number
  • Transport the stained glass on a rigid board and wrapped to keep from pieces being lost. 

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